Is Pelvic Floor Therapy For You?

Are you struggling with bowel or bladder issues?

We can help you improve incontinence, constipation, urgency and retention.

Pelvic Floor problems affect a large percentage of the population, but no one talks about it so you might feel like you are alone. But you aren’t alone and there is help available.  Even primary care providers are not familiar with what pelvic floor therapy can offer patients and sadly, people who need it have no idea that there is help out there.

Do you have pelvic pain preventing you from getting the most out of your life?  

Pelvic floor therapy can help with piriformis syndrome, tailbone pain, back pain, painful sex, chronic prostatitis, vulvodynia, vaginismus, pudendal neuraligia, endometriosis, and interstitial cystitis.  

Are you struggling get back to your “former self” after having a baby?  

There are a variety of problems that can occur postpartum and sadly, many providers will leave you on your own to recover. This certainly slows your recovery, but can also limit the extent of your recovery. Post-partum moms can strugle with back pain, incontenence, organ prolapse, diastasis recti, scar tissues, and painfull intercourse.

Are you pregnant? 

We can help prepare you for delivery and help you with any pain you develop from carrying that little human that doesn’t always feel so little.

If you answered yes to any of the above or have any other chronic pain issues, Pelvic Floor Therapy can help!


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Lauralee Wallace founded Well Pelvic Health in December of 2022 at The Well, an integrative wellness center.  She began her career in 1990 as a physical therapy aide, and graduated from the University of California in San Francisco with her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1994. She gained valuable experience at UC Davis Medical Center and Kaiser in Sacramento, working with diverse age groups and complex injuries and ilnesses.

In 1996, seeking a slower and more centered lifestyle, Lauralee relocated to Siskiyou County. For over 25 years, she worked at the local hospital, treating in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Her experience in treating a wide range of diagnoses, including orthopedic, neurological, and general medical conditions, proved invaluable.  During her career, she saw many changes in the healthcare system that prioritized profits over patient care, and that led her to leave the hospital in 2021.

During her hiatus from healthcare, she pursued further education in pelvic floor therapy, enhancing her expertise and providing her with unique insights into root causes of dysfunction. This specialization has elevated her practice, allowing her to treat the body holistically.  She has a true passion for this population  as she is able to bring lasting change and life changing outcomes for her patients.  This is a truely underserved community and she  happy to be  to be able to offer this service to her community.


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